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AMBI Pur Car, a leading brand of air fresheners for cars, has ­something for everybody. Its range of air fresheners can help drivers enjoy a relaxing driving experience. The regular Ambi Pur Car comes in three distinctive product ranges – fragrances offering scents such as Vanilla Bouquet, Pacific Air, Waves, Aqua and Lavender Spa; odour eliminators offering such combinations as Fresh & Light, Fresh & Floral as well as Fresh & Cool; and the hypoallergic Puresse with Air and Cotton.

Ambi Pur odour eliminators contain a special formulation to help get rid of strong odours from tobacco to food like durian. The Puresse products are for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances or for families with ­children with allergies as Puresse has been certified by the British Allergy ­Foundation.

Each 8ml bottle of Ambi Pur Car can last up to 45 days and refills are available once the fragrance has run out. New to its product line-up is the Ambi Pur Car Dual which offers two fragrances in one. ­Drivers can switch back and forth between the fragrances, as and when they like. The Ambi Pur Car Dual comes in ­Nature and Moments scents, an odour eliminator called Fresh Air, as well as a Puresse variety called Purity.

This is ideal for drivers who sometimes are so used to a certain scent they cease to smell it after a while. Hence, by switching scents, they get ­rejuvenated ­especially on long drives. The Dual range comes in 4ml bottles but switching back and forth will enable them to last as long as a regular Ambi Pur car freshener.

And to help ­customers get the most out of its Ambi Pur Car products, the diffuser has undergone a facelift.

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