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V-KOOL® Franchise was launched by V-KOOL International Pte Ltd in 1998. V-KOOL International is a Singapore-based company established to market and service franchisees on a global basis. Spanning in 27 countries with more than 500 outlets, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and support to both our customers and franchisees worldwide. Throughout the years, our efforts are recognized through the numerous awards and accolades won.

Our Parent Company is Novomatrix Pte Ltd (“NVX”) incorporated in September 1992 to market and distribute high performance window thin films for the automotive and architectural segments under several brands. As a pioneer in the solar control window film industry, NVX began its business in the distribution and sale of conventional dyed and tinted window films since 1970s.

V-KOOL’s business is in the marketing of top quality and high performance window films under the V-KOOL brand in the automotive and architectural industry. We worked with Southwall Technologies, Inc., which is a NASDAQ-listed company based in Palo Alto, California, USA, to develop revolutionary window films using the patented V-KOOL Technology. V-KOOL is the first of its kind in the material science area as it enables maximum amount of daylight transmittance (73%) while selectively cuts off 94% of infra-red (heat source) and 99% of ultra-violet. Globally, we have established a strong presence in 27 countries in Asia, Pacific Rim Region, Middle East, America, South America and Europe. The list is constantly expanding as we seek out new franchisees in untapped territories of the continents.

Another testimonial of V-KOOL success is when the top European car manufacturers, such as Mercedes, Audi, Renault and Volvo, incorporated V-KOOL technology as a cooling solution.”

To better cater to the architectural segment, products are marketed under IQue engineered by V-KOOL. Architects, building project managers and homeowners are offered a wide variety of products ranging from virtually clear films capable of blocking over half the sun’s heat without changing the appearance of the glass to the safety & security films which provide maximum protection to your loved ones and investments.

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